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for Kerr County Sheriff

"If elected your Kerr County Sheriff, I will utilize my 31 years’ experience in law enforcement, over 5,000 hours of law enforcement training, my relationships with other law enforcement agencies, and my business experience to serve the people of Kerr County.

I will always act in accordance with the US and Texas Constitutions to protect Kerr County’s citizens and interests.

As your Sheriff, I will work tirelessly to keep our community a safe and desirable place to live.

I would appreciate your support." - LLL


Election Day: November 3, 2020
Last Day to Register to Vote: October 5, 2020
Early Voting Begins: October 19, 2020
Last Day to Apply for Ballot by Mail (Rec'd by Registrar's Office) October 23, 2020
Early Voting Ends: October 30, 2020

Meet Larry Leitha

As a native Texan and a long-time resident of Kerr County, Larry Leitha has dedicated his life to a career in law enforcement. A 1984 graduate of Center Point High School, Leitha went on to receive his associate degree in applied science from San Antonio College, completed law enforcement training from San Antonio College Law Enforcement Academy, and completed Department of Public Safety Trooper Training Academy in 1994.

For the past 30 years, Larry had been active in law enforcement including positions with Medina County Sheriff’s Department as deputy, Devine Police Department as patrol sergeant and field training officer, and Texas Department of Public Safety trooper. He served as narcotics sergeant and special agent for Kerr, Kendall, Gillespie, and Bandera counties, including federal narcotics investigations in Maverick, Gonzalez, and McMullen County.

Larry also worked jointly with U.S. Marshals and the FBI as Task Force Officer investigating high-risk fugitives and sex offenders, and violent criminal gang activity involving the Mexican Mafia, Texas Syndicate, Aryan Brotherhood, and MS-13.

Other duties involved working alongside ATF, DEA, and ICE special agents in investigating human trafficking, illegal weapons, and counterfeit currency.

Larry also worked narcotics smuggling under Operation Secure Texas as well as participated with San Antonio Police Department and Bexar County Sheriff’s Department’s Violent Crime Task Force.

Special responsibilities have also included serving on protective detail for the Governor and national elected officials such as Congressmen Paul Ryan and Steve Scalise. His experience and participation in statewide emergency events also earned him a position on the Regional Accident Reconstruction Team and the Regional Civil Disturbance Management Team.

Because of his dedication and superior work in law enforcement, Leitha has earned several awards and certifications including TCOLE Peace Officer Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Master Peace Officer, and Texas DPS Division Director’s Award.

As a father of four children, he also feels it is important to serve his community in various volunteer positions, which he did by serving on the Center Point Independent School District Board, Little League President and V. President, Hill Country District Livestock Association member, Center Point Athletic Booster President and V. President, and coach and fundraiser coordinator for various youth activities.

Since his retirement from the DPS last year, Larry has been working as Regional Manager for Trentco Management, LLC and as reserve deputy for LaSalle County Sheriff’s Department.

Qualifications & Experience

From the Highways of Texas to fighting drugs, gangs, and fugitives with Federal agencies like the DEA, FBI, US Customs, Secret Service, and ATF, Larry Leitha's extensive experience spans more than 31 years. He's successfully filed more than 350 felony cases to protect the people of Texas from drugs and violent criminals, and been a part of bringing over 150 fugitives to justice.

Experience & Education

Medina County Sheriff’s Deputy
Devine Police Department Patrol Sergeant
Texas Department of Public Safety State Trooper
Masters Peace Officer's License (Since 2003)
TCOLE Law Enforcement Instructor
San Antonio College Graduate (Associate Degree 1988)
Alamo Area Regional Law Enforcement Academy, Graduate 1989
Texas Department of Public Safety Academy, Graduate 1994

Former Trentco Management Regional Manager overseeing $10M+ budget with 60+ employees at 8 different locations throughout Texas

Active in the Community

Center Point HS Graduate, 1984
Four children who all graduated from CPHS
Center Point Little League President & Athletic Booster President
Kerrville Little League Member
Center Point FFA & 4H
Elks Lodge Member
NRA Life Member
RWKC Associate Member
HC District Junior Livestock Show Association Board Member
Attends Calvary Temple Church
Former Member, CPISD Board of Trustees, overseeing a $4.5M budget

Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement Narcotics Sergeant

  • Conducted long-term complex criminal investigations
  • Conducted joint investigations with
    • The Drug Enforcement Agency, focusing on large drug and asset seizure investigations
    • The BATFE, focusing on firearms and gang investigations.
    • The Secret Service, working on money laundering investigations
    • The United States Marshal Service, arresting violent fugitives throughout the State of Texas
  • Meth Lab Certified & Raid Entry Trained
  • Worked with several city and county task forces

Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigation Division Special Agent

  • Assigned to assist the DPS Governor’s Protective Detail with protection of elected officials
  • Assigned to a DPS High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA). Conducted long term, complex investigations related to large quantities of illegal drugs and money seizures. Assisted with investigations into human trafficking and sex trafficking.
  • Assigned to Operation Secure Texas (OST) in the Rio Grande Valley for 3 years: Assisted Texas Highway Patrol (THP) with drug, gun & currency seizures and fighting human trafficking.
  • Conducted joint investigations with United States Border Patrol (USBP). Conducted joint investigations with Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP). Conducted long term complex investigations related to large quantities of illegal drugs.
  • Assigned to Violent Crime Task Force (VCTF) in San Antonio: Conducted joint investigations with San Antonio Police Department and Bexar County Sheriff’s Department focusing on the highest crime rate areas in San Antonio.

FBI Task Force Officer - Safe Streets Violent Gang Task Force (SSVGTF)

  • Worked Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) cases
  • Worked on long term criminal investigation with drug and asset seizures
  • Worked Federal cases on the Mexican Mafia, Texas Syndicate, Aryan Brotherhood, Aryan Circle, MS-13, Bandidos
Lineup of Certificaitons Held by Larry Leitha

Over 5,000 Hours of Law Enforcement Training

Larry Has Over 30 years of Continuous Training, in Areas Including:

Investigations and Operations (FBI)
LE Management & Supervision
Human Trafficking
Methamphetamine Investigation

Cultural Diversity
Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs
Stress Management in LE
Interviews & Interrogation (US DOJ)
Clandestine Laboratory Interdiction
Auto Theft
Marijuana Cultivation Investigation
Tactical Firearms
International Terrorism (US Air Force)
Narcotics Prosecution

Family Violence
Mechanics of Arrest and Search
Vehicle Interdiction (US DOT)
Intelligence and Investigation
Survival Awareness (US DOJ)
Domestic Money Laundering
Combating & Surviving Terrorism
Designer Drugs
Fourth Amendment Issues
Covert Operation Procedures
Officer Survival
Domestic Marijuana Eradication
Gang Investigations
Accident Investigation

Child Abuse and Neglect Investigations
Raid Entry
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Asset Forfeiture
Identity Theft
The Mexican Mafia
Computer Crime Investigations
Cyber Security
Crisis Intervention Training
Crime Scene Investigation
Management / Supervision
Use of Force
Collection & Preservation of Evidence

Endorsed By...

Broad Support from Law Enforcement, Community and Business Leaders, and Many Others...

Lucy Wilke, 216th District Attorney
Scott Monroe, 198th District Attorney
Sheriff Dan Butts, Bandera County
Sheriff Randy Brown, Medina County
Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez, LaSalle County
Sheriff Hilario Cantu, Kimble County
Sheriff Martin Cuellar, Webb County
Anton E. “Tony” Hackebeil, 38th District Attorney (Ret.)
Tommy Ryno, DPS Criminal Law Enforcement, Lieutenant (Ret.)
Tommy Hall, TABC & Kerr County Sheriff's Office Patrol Sergeant, 46 Years (Ret.)
J. Patrick O’Burke, Commander, Criminal Law Enforcement Division, Texas DPS (Ret.)
Mike Gulledge, DPS Sergeant, 37 years (Ret.)
Alan Teague, TPWD Game Warden, 31 years (Ret.)
Tomasa Velasquez O'Hern & Jerry O'Hern
Amber Wood
Tracie Fox
Fred & BK Gamble
Kenneth Wilke, Constable, Kerr County
Harold Wilson
Travis Hall, DPS Sergeant, 38 years (Ret.)
Keith Olive, DPS Corporal, 28 years (Ret.)
Chris LaLonde, DPS Sergeant, 25 yrs (Ret.)
Jose M. Morales, CID Major (Retired) Texas DPS Criminal Investigations Division (Region 6)
James "Charlie" & Pam Hicks, Kerr County Sheriff's Office (Ret)
Brian Vaughan, Constable Precinct #4, Kendall County; Office of Inspector General, Lieutenant (Retired) Texas DPS
Earl Heath, Chief Deputy, LaSalle County. Texas DPS Highway Patrol (Ret.)
Ronnie & Diana Bock
Paul Urban
The Lindner Family
Bruce & Jennifer Bond
Clint Orms
Kari Bock
Tamrah Patterson Ruth
Stacy Hunter Fritz
Mike & Laurie Lowe
Jim & Wanda Morris
Doyle & Sharon Weaver

In Their Own Words...

Lucy Wilke

216th District Attorney

I’ve been a criminal prosecutor for my entire career and work very closely with the sheriff. I’ve known Larry professionally for most of my career. I am not endorsing a friend. I am endorsing the person I would like to see as the next Sheriff from the perspective of how it will affect my office. I wouldn’t endorse anyone unless I truly believe in their character and I am basing my decision on my personal experience as a prosecutor working with Larry on felony cases for many years. He will lead with integrity and honesty and will be a team player.

Scott Monroe

198th District Attorney

Larry, because of all he’s done, commands respect. Popularity won’t save the day. It needs to be respect. No rule prohibits a DA from endorsing a candidate, and you don’t want to make an enemy of someone. It is pretty unusual to do this, but [216th District Attorney] Lucy and I thought it was important to let our thoughts be known.

Jason Waldrip

We have two candidates that say they have experience. A person can be anywhere for a period of time and say I have “experience” but you have to look deeper into what that “experience” entails and look at what someone has done over their career and the job knowledge a person has acquired.

I know personally that Larry graduated from one of the most intense and demanding law enforcement academies in the country.
I know personally Larry was assigned as a Trooper keeping our highways safe through traffic enforcement and also seeking out criminals utilizing our highways moving from place to...

James "Charlie" and Pam Hicks

My name is James "Charlie" Hicks. My Law Enforcement background includes former Kerr County Precinct 2 Constable, Interim Kerr County Sheriff and Chief Deputy, Head of Kerr County Sheriffs Office's Special Operations Unit, Bandera County Sheriff Chief Deputy, and Chief of Police for the City of Bandera.

I have known Larry for over 20 years. I have worked many Narcotic Cases with him throughout that tenure. I know Larry to be very professional, his integrity is beyond reproach and I strongly endorse him as our next Kerr County Sheriff.

Both my wife Pam Hicks and I have worked many...

Tommy Ryno

Department of Public Safety, Criminal Law Enforcement, Lieutenant; 216th Judicial District Task Force Commander (Ret.)

I have lived in Kerr County for 40 years and have been in law enforcement for 31 years. As a retired Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement Lieutenant and 216th Judicial District Task Force Commander, I had the opportunity to work with retired DPS Special Agent Larry Leitha. I have always found Larry to be a proven law enforcement professional. Larry is experienced in working all levels of law enforcement and has filed successful cases at all levels of the judicial system. Larry has proven to be a successful law enforcement officer throughout his long career. Larry has been incredibly involved in...

J. Patrick O’Burke

Commander, Criminal Law Enforcement Division (Retired) Texas Dept. of Public Safety

I would like to publicly endorse Larry Leitha as Sheriff for Kerr County. I have known Larry for more than twenty years as his Captain and then as Deputy Commander over the Texas DPS Narcotics Service. Having supervised Larry for many years, it was clear that Larry always presented himself as a professional investigator who worked exceedingly well with other law enforcement agencies. Larry's skills as an accomplished investigator combined with his extraordinary interpersonal skills make Larry the clear choice for Sheriff in Kerr County. I would strongly endorse everyone to vote for Larry Leitha for Sheriff.

Jose M. Morales

CID Major (Retired) Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division (Region 6)

As a retired Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Investigations Division (CID) Major for the South-Central Region (Region 6) I am proud and honored to support retired CID Special Agent Larry Leitha for Kerr County Sheriff. Larry worked under my command for eight years where he was specifically assigned to narcotics investigations. During his assignment Larry demonstrated a great level of professionalism, skill and knowledge about his duties and was always ready and available to assist anyone in need.

Several important qualities in law enforcement we must always keep and honor are integrity, leadership and transparency, as...

Earl Heath

Chief Deputy Sheriff LaSalle County, Texas DPS Highway Patrol, Lt. (Ret.)​

My name is Earl Heath. I am a retired DPS Lieutenant with 32 years of law enforcement service. Currently employed as Chief Deputy Sheriff of LaSalle County, I understand the challenging demands on a county Sheriff. I have known Larry L. Leitha for 31 years and I trust him, respect his judgement, and I know his integrity to be above reproach.

Coming from the small community of Center Point, Tx Larry's ability to communicate with folks in a friendly manner developed before he was a Deputy Sheriff. He always approaches any situation with an open mind. When confronted with a bad situation he chooses appropriate solutions that...

Ronnie A. Bock

Owner, Ronnie Bock's Kerrville RV

With the retirement of our great Sheriff, Rusty Hierholzer, it is important we elect a new Sheriff with a vast array of law enforcement experience, a Sheriff who can make decisive decisions, and whose only agenda is to continue to serve and protect all the citizens of Kerr County. Join me in voting for Larry Leitha for Sheriff so he can become a part of the outstanding men and women of law enforcement we have grown to appreciate in Kerr County.

Sheriff Dan Butts

Bandera County Sheriff; Retired DPS Highway Patrol Sergeant

I have known Larry for 25 years. We worked together in DPS for 15 years and another 10 years while he was still in DPS and I was Sheriff.

He upholds the highest standards of professional conduct and respects the constitutional rights of individuals. He is experienced at all levels of law enforcement, from local to state and federal, including work with the FBI, US Marshals, and DEA. I have worked with Larry, taking on dangerous career criminals like drug traffickers. He is the best person to keep our neighbors in Kerr County safe. Larry and I will work side by side to work together the citizens of our region.

Sheriff Miguel Rodriguez

LaSalle County

I have been the LaSalle County Sheriff for 8 years. I have been in Law Enforcement for 40 years. I had the opportunity to work with Larry Leitha for 30 years while he was a Medina County Deputy, Devine Police Department Sergeant, DPS Trooper and DPS Special Agent. I have always known Larry to conduct himself in a professional manner. He has also been a team player. I have called upon him for advice in many cases.

I have first-hand knowledge of the experience, dedication, qualifications and leadership that it takes to be a successful Sheriff. I believe Larry possesses all these skills and therefore I am enthusiastically endorsing...

Brian Vaughan

Constable Precinct #4, Kendall County. Office of Inspector General, Lieutenant (Retired) Texas DPS

I was employed with DPS for 30 years and retired as Lieutenant. I ran for the office of Constable Pct. 4 in Kendall County and am now serving in that capacity. I have been serving the citizens of Texas for over 34 years in law enforcement. I was stationed in Kerrville from 2000 to 2012 with DPS as an investigator, alongside Larry Leitha. During that 12 years, I was able to work with and observe Larry’s work ethic and professionalism. Larry is one of the hardest working officers I have ever been around. Larry’s hard work paid off in cases made against high profile drug dealers, making the streets of Texas more secure. Larry is now...

Anton E. “Tony” Hackebeil

District Attorney, 38th Judicial District (Ret.)

It is without hesitation for any reason that I am endorsing Larry Leitha for the Office of Sheriff of Kerr County. The good people of Kerr County will be well served with Larry at the helm and guiding the Sheriff’s Department in the business of protecting Kerr County citizens. I have been an attorney for over 37 years, almost 15 of which I served as the elected District Attorney for Medina, Uvalde and Real counties before retirement. I have come to know Larry as a man of integrity without which you simply cannot have a law enforcement agency function successfully and without controversy. Larry demands respect, knows the rules and is...

Alan Teague

TPWD Game Warden (Ret.)

In my 31 years in law enforcement, 27 as a Texas Game Warden, I have met numerous fellow law enforcement officers and professionals. I have known Larry professionally and personally for 12 years, being introduced by Sgt. Chris Lalonde (DPS retired), when I was the Captain Game Warden here in Kerrville. Since our introduction, I have been privileged to work with Larry and have always been impressed with his commitment and the knowledge he provides to any situation. His experience with all levels of law enforcement, including local, state, and federal agencies give him a unique perspective as to all facets of the law enforcement...

Lucy Wilke Endorsement

Scott Monroe Endorsement

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